Engineers of Proved Optimum Design (POD) take pride to have specialization in FAÇADE design and engineering. POD engineers have been proudly involved in designing curtain wall of high-rise buildings through out Canada. When it comes to FAÇADE, we take beauty and energy efficiency of the building into consideration, at the same time trying to optimize the design to meet your project budget.


it be a store front, window wall, sky light, glass wall, and most commonly used in todays high rise buildings curtain wall, POD is specialized to offer the most suitable design to its clients. POD offers services to architects, manufacturers, consultants, general contractors, and subcontractors.


FAÇADE services provided by POD

  • We prepare specification, typical and custom detail for individual projects for architects.
  • We review and mark up shop drawings prepared by contractors for architects.
  • We review and seal shop drawings for architects.
  • We offer engineered shop drawing as a package for contractors.


Type of FAÇADE POD designs

  • Window Wall
  • Curtain Wall
  • Window
  • Glass Railing
  • Sky Light 

residential civil engineeringResidential & Commercial

POD offers a wide range of engineering services to property owners and contractors in helping them achieve the necessary design plans to obtain a building permit from the municipality and start their building or renovation project safely and comprehensively. The primary concern of engineers at POD is optimizing the structural design in favour of minimizing the labour and material cost of a building project. In the sections below you can become familiar with a number of common design services POD offers to the public.

+ Custom Home Architectural & Structural Design

Our team of dedicated professionals will assist you step by step to come up with the most cost effective design for your dream house. By direct interaction with the city officials, we help you obtain your building permit from the city as fast as possible. If you already have architectural drawings or ideas ready, we make that architectural idea into a real structure that would need the minimum amount of material and labor. Proved Optimum Design can offer you a whole package design for your dream house, which includes architectural, structural and HVAC drawings.

+ Office, Store and Restaurant Design

If you are looking into turning your commercial building space into the desired office space, we provide you the necessary drawings for permit applications. Our team has helped a number of medical and dental professionals and also business owners of different professions such as restaurant owners to come up with their ideal office and business space. Our team stays with you from creating your ideal design to permit applications.

+ Basement Finish As a Second Unit or for Recreational Purposes

Whether you are looking into making a recreational area out of your unfinished basement area, or making a second unit for rental benefits, we are eager to help you do it legally by obtaining a building permit for your project thus avoiding legal and technical issues in the future. Our specialized personnel is aware of all the building codes that you require to follow in making your basement into a recreational area or a second unit. We are also specialized in designing side entrances that may not exist in the house you have purchased and are willing to rent out the basement.

+ Side Entrance and Walk Out for the Basement

If you are willing to provide separate and private entrance to your basement unit we can make this possible for you. We provide you with all the drawings you need to submit to the city to obtain your permit for this type of project. Clients asking for this service are usually homeowners who wish to rent out their basement suit but the unit lacks a separate private entrance. Contact us to arrange a visit by our engineer who can offer you possible ways of designing a separate entrance to your basement.

+ Home Extension

Extending your living room or dining area into your backyard is a way to create larger living area and add value to your home. Our experienced team will help you obtain permit for this dream project and make a change to your life. Our team will interact with the city officials first to make sure there is no zoning issues with your extension project and then we will provide you with all the design details you need to start your project safely, legally and logically.

+ Old Home Addition

If you have a bungalow and you want to add a second story, or you are planning to add a new living or dining area, or a garage or storage room to your home, you probably are making the best investment of your life. Our professional team will make your addition project possible by assisting you through all the legal steps you have to take to obtain your building permit and provide you with the most cost efficient design possible.

+ HVAC Design

Our professional mechanical engineers specialized in HVAC design take time, knowledge and experience into their work to come up with the most suitable heating and cooling system for your building being submitted as a whole package along with our architectural and structural drawings in cases where HVAC design with professional engineer stamp is needed for permit applications thus saving our clients time and money through their permit application process. Having an advance optimized HVAC design is the key in minimizing energy cost of a building.

+ Removal of a Load Bearing Wall

If you need to take that unnecessary wall out of the site in your house or office to create the desired feeling of space our team of architects and professional engineers make this possible for you. Even if this wall is demandingly a load-bearing wall, our engineers will come up with a safe solution and make getting your city permit possible.

+ Raising the Ceiling

Although it might feel impossible or seem too much of a hassle, our engineers make it possible to make your living area feel more spacious by proposing a designed solution to raise your ceiling structure without touching the roof structure at a lower cost than what you might expect. Our team has helped many homeowners to raise the ceiling height of their living room to achieve a more spacious living area. Let us help you make that old style 7 to 8 feet ceiling into a more royal 9 to 10 feet ceiling.

+ Underpinning Design and Supervision

Underpinning is a technical procedure where the foundation of the building is extended further lower into the ground by a technical design for the purpose of lowering the basement floor in most cases or strengthening the foundation in preparation for a second story addition. Our engineers have extensive experience in designing the safest and most cost effective underpinning procedures which is guaranteed to obtain a permit from the municipality. Also, site visit supervisions are provided in cases where the municipality requires you to perform this project with the supervision of a professional engineer.

+ Shoring Design

Depending on the nature of the project, our engineers have the knowledge to provide you with the shoring design that is right for your project. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for your shoring design. Our engineers design shoring based on proper calculations to make sure our clients receive a safe and optimized shoring design.

+ Site Visit & Report

Either as a contractor or property owner if you are facing a technically structural issue which is worrisome, we provide on site consultation by a licensed professional engineer who can just give you advice on that issue or in cases where municipality has required you to make a report, our engineers hold certificate of authorization to make the necessary report on the specific issue of your project. The cost of site visit and report can vary according to the location of the building and the nature of the issue in cases where a site report is requested. In many cases where drawings for permit application has to be provided to our clients and along with it a site visit has to be performed by our engineer, the cost of the site visit will be included in the package of permit application drawings.

+ Porch, Deck, Gazebo, Pergola and shed design

We also provide drawings for the design of porch, deck, gazebo, pergola and shed in your front and backyard. We provide designs, which are durable and carry the minimal material and labor cost.

+ Aluminum Pergola

One of the new designs we provide to our clients is aluminum pergola with remote control adjustable louver for adjusting the roof of your pergola with accordance to weather conditions.

+ Landscaping Design

If you need a landscaping design along with your architectural design, you do not need to spend time looking for a good landscape designer as we cooperate with highest quality landscape designers in GTA who would also provide you high quality contracting services. Our landscape designer artistically put together proper stones and plant species together to make your yard look fantastic.

industrial structural engineeringIndustrial Civil Engineering

Proved Optimum Design has helped a number of industry, warehouse and factory owners to come up with an industrial environment suitable to their particular industry. We take every aspect of creating an ideal industrial environment into consideration in our design. This includes safety of employees, control of temperature, efficiency of the production line, storage and transportation of the products.