Frequently Asked Questions


+ When do I need a Building Permit from the Municipality?

Basically, for construction of any architectural structure including addition of any architectural structure to your commercial or residential property, you will need a building permit for. Any renovation that requires structural alteration to your property such as removing a wall needs to be approved by the municipality before you proceed with your project.

+ Is permit application something you do for your clients?

Yes and No, The property owner or a legal representative of the owner has to fill up the application forms and pay for the application process. However, we do guide our clients through this process and if necessary we make contact with the city officials to work out any issue and find out about what is required for their project without any extra fees.

+ What if my building permit application will be rejected by the city?

If the matter is a zoning issue, it is out of our hand but in cases where there is a technical problem, we revise our design based on what the municipality has required our clients with no extra charges. We take responsibly to revise our designs until the municipality approves them without charging our client any extra fee.

+ Do you provide Project Management Services?

Absolutely, we can provide project planning and supervision by the engineer on the projects we design for our clients upon request.

+ Are you providing contracting services?

No, we are only an architectural and structural engineering design and consultation firm. However, we cooperate with a number of contractors and in cases where our clients are looking for a trustable contractor for their project, we can connect them with our client.