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Engineers of Proved Optimum Design (POD) take pride to have specialization in FAÇADE design and engineering. POD has been proudly involved in designing curtain wall of high-rise buildings through out Canada. When it comes to FAÇADE, we take beauty and energy efficiency of the building into consideration, at the same time trying to optimize the design to meet your project budget. Weather it be store front, window wall, sky light, glass wall, and most commonly used in todays high rise buildings curtain wall, POD is specialized to offer the suitable design to its clients. POD offers service to architects, manufacturers, consultants, general contractors, and subcontractors.


FAÇADE services provided by POD

  • We prepare specification, typical and custom detail for individual projects for architects.
  • We review and mark up shop drawings prepared by contractors for architects.
  • We review and seal shop drawings for architects.
  • We offer engineered shop drawing as a package for contractors.



  • Window Wall
  • Curtain Wall
  • Window
  • Glass Railing