Proved Optimum Design is a building structure engineering service with a wide range of expertise in evaluation, design and consultation of any class of structure. The passion of the professionals at Proved Optimum Design is to help investors, property owners and contractors have the most comprehensive design for their construction project. As the name of the company implies, this service provides its clients with an optimised design which minimises the volume of material and labour work in order to reach the most economical status possible. This has been possible only by having highly experienced engineers who employ up to date structural engineering softwares in their design. Here at Proved Optimum Design, clients have to take some easy steps in order to receive their desired design, which will be guaranteed to obtain a permit from the municipality. Having full insurance coverage, makes clients hundred percent safe from any unlucky incident in future.

Moin Roohparvar, president


Serving as the president of the company, Moin Roohparvar is a structural engineer who has been certified to be a member of Ontario Professional Engineers. Having more than thirty years of experience in different areas of civil engineering, Moin Roohparvar has been active in satisfying the needs of his clients by applying his deep knowledge of structural physics and material science into his work. His in depth knowledge of structural engineering make him capable of solving any structural dilemma. He takes pride to have specialized himself in curtain wall and FAƇADE engineering having fundamental expertise in designing building envelopes. He has over 35 years of combined experience in properties and applications of wooden, concrete and metal structures.